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Project Manager’s Activities

Project Manager’s Activities
More on the project manager Activities

You, the project manager, are the one person who controls each and every activity of your particular project. The “game plan” is yours, and its complete success or failure lies in your hands. The responsible project manager is the chief motivator of people and positive actions and must take the initiative for
all operations.

Today we find bold, complex, and vigorous architectural concepts and technology that influence our activities in many ways. The project manager must plan and organize orderly sequences of construction activities dependent
on time and resources.

Project Manager’s Contract Review and Critique
Know what contract responsibility you, the project manager, have with the owner. Review each subcontract and purchase order, and keep a copy in your files. During this review, go over the specifications and drawings to be aware of the specific contract document content. After you are thoroughly familiar with each contract, go over them with each subcontractor’s representative on the job site before work begins to avoid misunderstandings.

Remember, every contract includes specification requirements, general conditions, special conditions, addendum requirements, and plan requirements.

Project Manager’s Planning
The number one priority on any project is in-depth planning. During the planning phase the project manager must know all submittals and the delivery of every item, as well as the project resources. Do not proceed into
any other part of the project until you have confirmed delivery dates.

Diagram and know the logical sequence of all activities. Work items are called “activities,” and each activity requires a duration in work days in order to time your schedule. The sequence of submit, approve, fabricate, and
deliver must precede the erection or installation of work activities.

During scheduling you will have certain activities that must be completed 100 percent before starting other activities. For example, steel must be erected before the roof deck can be installed.

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March 30, 2015

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