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Project manager’s skill

Project manager’s skill

We usually state that a project managers skill should be a mile wide and an inch deep.

The project manager is responsible for motivating herself and the staff “team” to complete a given project on time and within budget. This individual needs to have and show a rekindling of spirit and a re dedication to the profession of construction project management.

As the project manager so very well knows, the responsibilities for the completion of any project are many, indeed, and considered by novices as awesome. For the benefit of those who may not be appreciative or cognizant of the heavy demands on a manager, we are listing below single thoughts that would apply to one’s duties, in order that they may be incorporated into one’s
mind in one sitting:

Project Manager’s Responsibilities
1. Plan, schedule, and control.
2. Manage people (prime mission).
3. Contact, interview, hire, supervise, coordinate, evaluate, train, and give guidance to staff.
4. Use the purpose and broad company objectives, goals, and standards; formulate in greater detail “goals” and standards for your specific project responsibility.
5. Allow time to “listen to people problems.”
6. Develop detailed job descriptions and people responsibilities.
7. Negotiate “time”—and liquidated damages.
8. Promote good public relations.
9. Review manpower requirements of critical path method schedule.
10. Update equipment requirements.
11. Code purchases.
12. Coordinate subcontractors.
13. Plan overtime critical path method schedule activities.
14. Direct staff members.
15. Plan and monitor special critical path method activities on the critical path.
16. Expedite completion by weighing new ideas.
17. See that all personnel are familiar with letters to and from the architect/engineer.

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March 30, 2015

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