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Improving Managerial Skills

Enrolled: 35 students
Duration: 10 hours
Lectures: 14
Video: 9 hours
Level: Advanced

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improving managerial skills

One of the challenges that organizations have been continually facing is the absence of good management skills in the workforce. As globalization takes over the functioning of organizations, the need for excellent managerial skills among all employees has become pressing. Effective management skills are not only instrumental in driving companies to heights of success, but equally contribute to the career progression of employees. Possessing these skills prepares professionals to take on higher-level roles across industries.

Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned manager, there are steps you can take to improve how you oversee and guide people, products, and projects.

In this course you would learn ways you can become a better manager and advance your career.

Main Features

  • You will learn how to become a manager that influences those around you, including your team, your colleagues and your own managers and bosses
  • You will learn how to influence people around you in a positive way
  • You will learn how to avoid common mistakes that managers make interacting with people
  • You will understand the secrets of influential management practice
  • Growing your organization by continually increasing your team’s levels of competency
  • Understanding how your behavioral style influences the actions of others
  • Determining the key values that can help you find ways to motivate people
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Knowing the behavioral indicators that lead to effective team performance

What is the target audience?

Who this course is for:
  • This course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their management skills and career
  • This course is suitable for anyone who is currently in management
  • This course is also suitable for anyone who wants to get into management

The Manager’s Style

Primary Behavioral Characteristics Others See in the Workplace
How Behavioral Style Influences the Actions of Others

Managing Teams

Differentiate a Team from a Workgroup
Participate in a Successful Team Activity

The Learning Workplace

Define the Value of Participating

Style and Motivation

Determine Key Values That Are Typical to Each Behavioral Style
Articulate the Relationship between Values and Individual Expectations in Motivating Employees
Select Motivators Based on Individual Needs

Managing Conflict

Assess Your Personal Preferences and Habits in Dealing with Conflict
Shift Your Approach Effectively by Recognizing Key Indicators


Use Delegating as a Tool for Professional and Personal Growth
Identify Barriers to Effective Delegating

Managing Performance and Growth

Experience Team Dynamics
Practice Successful Team Behaviors
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