SCRUMSTUDY AGILE MASTER CERTIFIED: As businesses compete for a piece of the application economy, many are switching from waterfall to agile software development, which has advantages. The three-day ScumStudy Agile Master Certified  workshop is intended to give a full Agile team the opportunity to learn and practice together. During this session, interactive learning exercises assist all areas of planning, from vision to everyday planning.




Align strategy and work

Scaling Agile enables connecting the organization’s top-level objectives with the people responsible for achieving them..


Improve capacity management

The capacity management is aligned to the ARTs and regularly evaluated with a scaled agile approach.

Enable enterprise-wide visibility

Visibility doesn’t only come from planning. Scaling agile enables transparency across the organization 

Assist teams of teams planning

Scaling agile across the organization requires different people from multiple teams and departments together under the same umbrella.

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Scaled Scrum Master Certified

Scrum has been proven to work well for small teams. But the true benefits of Agile can only be reaped if Agile and Scrum are scaled at the enterprise level.  

Scrum is a lightweight framework for complex product development. Scrum has, by design, a minimal, yet sufficient, set of rules and roles. Scrum prescribes no techniques or practices to apply these rules to allow teams and organizations to devise the best possible tactics, depending on their context, to apply Scrum. 

In my 2013 book, “Scrum – A Pocket Guide”, I describe two future challenges of Scrum. 

The first challenge concerns the way the role of the Product Owner is fulfilled. We often see that representatives or proxies of product management are fulfilling the role. The benefits realized through Scrum would be higher if product managers would directly engage in Scrum, through the role of the Product Owner.

The second challenge is the improved understanding and adoption of Scrum by management, think about operational IT management, sales divisions, delivery managers, product departments and hierarchical CxO management.

I would add a third challenge, related to scaling. Many organizations have adopted Scrum and see the benefits at the scale of one or some teams. Organizations pursue the same benefits with many teams, but struggle in scaling Scrum while respecting the principles and foundations upon which Scrum are built.

Scrum thrives on self-organization, inviting and inspiring Development Teams to plan, organize and track their own daily work. Product Owner set out a vision and goals against which Development Teams work. Stakeholders are expected to provide the Development Team with new or changing insights by the end of every Sprint. A Sprint takes no more than 30 days, and is often shorter.

Scrum fundamentally restores the respect for the creativity and intelligence of Development Teams, allows them to fully exploit their skills and insights.

‘Scaled Scrum’ is any implementation of Scrum in which multiple Scrum Teams create one software system or product. The purpose of Scrum, independent of the scale at which it is used, is to create high-quality, releasable versions of product by the end of every Sprint. This allows organizations to quickly and regularly serve their customers, and to incorporate feedback into the development process fast. It is what we call ‘business agility’. It is crucial for companies to survive and prosper in today’s fast changing economy.

At a larger scale, keeping a high level of such agility is highly important. It assures companies of flexibility and responsiveness. Translated to the adoption of Scrum for product development, it holds that the big challenge of scaled Scrum holds the ability for multiple teams to produce releasable software by the end of every Sprint

Scaled Scrum Master Certification trainings are offered by SCRUMstudy
approved Authorized Training Partners (A.T.P.s). All trainers are highly
experienced and accredited by SCRUMstudy. Course fee includes the
certification exam fee. Participants will be awarded ‘Scaled Scrum
Master Certified’ certificate from SCRUMstudy on successful completion
of the exam.



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You will gain practical,useful and impactful skills from our experienced faculties.

CONSULTANTS: Our consultants are Practical, Professional,Experienced, Licensed & Effective personnel with minimum experience of over 25years.
CONSULTANT RATING: 96% of our training consultants scored A+ rating from our customers in 2020

JK Michaels joins the prestigious group of organizations approved by Project management institute USA,American Academy of Project Management (USA),Scrum Study institute USA, to provide world class Effective project management training; After a rigorous audit of our curriculum design, delivery, facilitators, and content of our courses.

We are also accredited by government as a management training and consulting firm.In addition to other international institutes including :International institute of Business analysis(IIBA);(APMG)Association of Project Management Group;International institute of Six Sigma Certification;Peoplecert,Clover Health and Safety,Nebosh,Pregen Business School Atlanta,Simplilearn;International institute of Supply Chain Management (UK).
JK Michaels is in alignment with International Standard in Quality and Safety

We are committed on delivering on our customers trust.

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